Ezylryb is the false name of the legendary hero Lyze of Kiel & is the brother of Kowalski/Lowak of Iks.


As Lyze of Kiel & the First WarEdit

Lyze was born on the island of Kiel & he was the brother of Lowak, who was to be born later in Iks.

Between WarsEdit

Second WarEdit

Third War & DeathEdit

The Third War of Yore came to the Yorians as a shock when the entire planet collapsed. Ezylryb was then captured by rebels, after his troops mysterously abandoned him, which he later discovered that a turncoat soldier of his had betrayed him & brought a small troop to slaughter his army, & tortured him into leaking information. When putting up fierce, stubborn resistance, the rebels decided to use a highly productive truth serum that could break both his emotional positives & sense of will. Knowing that he could not live with himself if he destroyed Yore, Ezylryb committed suicide by taking his own life with a poison tablet that had been stowed in a hidden pocket of his clothing. The poison tablets had been given to soldiers by the king of Yore when it became evident that if they were captured, before an intense interrogation could begin on them, they would kill themselves out of loyalty for the tree of Yore. Kowalski, learning of Ezylryb's death, flew off to the base, infiltrated it & stole weaponry & poisoned the food for the turncoats & rebels. However, before he could make it to Yore, Kowalski was wounded by a rebel in a battle over the Yorian Sea & another rebel then managed to inject the truth serum into him. With his last sense of will, Kowalski went yeep or deliberately flew straight down to plunge into the sea & drowned.