Julien XII is Julien XIII's father & was the lord & king when Julien was too young to be king.

Known BioEdit


The only known bio about him is his death. Julien XII intercepted messages between a hired contract killer & the African lord & read them, knowing of some plot for his son to be murdered before he was to become king & sweep out the lord himself as well. Julien met Clyde & they fought each other, which Clyde intended to kill Julien XIII, Julien was burned to death while fending off Clyde to protect Julien, costing him his life


Julien XIII met Clyde again at a caldera of the inactive stratovolcano, Mount Kilimanjaro. Julien defeated Clyde's machine &, believing he'd avenged his father's death, leaves, unbeknownst to him that Clyde either survived falling into the lava & being burned or was clinging to the side of one of the five rock pillars in the caldera. Julien became king & lord 3 years later. Julien always seemed to hold a bone of an arm & hand, which happened to belong to the skeleton of his father, which he carryed around to think of good ways to rule & to remember his father's death & Clyde after he found out sometime that Clyde wasn't dead & had escaped Mount Kilimanjaro.


According to the Julienian Articles, one reason for the start of the Second War was believed by many to have been Julien's death. However, Julien XIII, writer of the articles, believes that the event that locked the timelines of Madagascar & Africa together was the coronation of Clemson.