The Kiss of Deadly Hate is a kiss given by the goddess Diana herself. She does an open-mouth kiss with her victim & breathes into their mouth, which her breath radiates her hatred.


First degree kissEdit

A first degree kiss is when Diana steals the love of the victim & kisses them by sucking the emotion out through their mouth, causing her breath to send evil emotions into the victim

Second degree kissEdit

A second degree kiss is when Diana murders the victim & kisses them by sucking on their life force, her breath sucks on the soul & causes the victim to collapse & die.

Third degree kissEdit

A third degree kiss is when Diana does more than murder her victim & it is the worst kiss. She kisses the victim & breathes into the victim's mouth, causing her to be able to suck on the soul of the person, forcing it to be sent into her body through their mouth. The victim would deteriorate & would end up being digested for eternity inside of the goddess.