This article is about the glitch/kill screen in End of the Line, please do not confuse it with the glitch/kill screen in African Labyrinth

End of Line Kill Screen 1

Level 12 of End of the Line

On the 12th level of End of the Line, there is a glitch that turns the map into a kill screen. As seen on the right, the entire map is a black screen with no walls, with the exception of the African House.

What happens?Edit

The maze becomes a black screen with coins scattered everywhere & no walls visible, except the African House

Why it happens?Edit

In the game, a software bug is made so that the game cannot be played indefinitely, this bug makes it so that the counter for Level 11 must not have more than 1,650 coins can be collected in the past 11 levels. But because of the spider, by the time 1,650 coins in Level 11 is ended causes the counter's flow to roll over, the counter then trys to draw 1,650 coins instead of the usual 150. The data to write the coins are to much so the counter cannot write out walls.

Where are the walls?Edit

Instead of an average maze, this maze will be like the right side of the kill screen in the original African Labyrinth. The walls will be invisible & to add onto this, there are some trap zones inside, to count as inescapable one way passages going up, down, left or right, dead ends, trapdoors & timed doors/timed dead ends. There's also a safe zone where Julien can hide in.


The board only holds around 1,500 coins, when the coins have been caught as well as the spider, the level will not pass, this is because the counter requires 16,500 coins now. However, about 10-25 coins will regenerate after a life is lost. The spider will do it's share by spreading coins, but it will contain only enough coins to dispense 14,500 coins, after this limit is reached, it will stop reproducing coins period. You will not have enough lives to get all those coins & then get the regenerating coins.


There is a trick that is usuable to use certain zones in the board to trap the assassins.

Safe-Trap ZonesEdit

End of Line Kill Screen 5

Julien (yellow) has a safe zone boxed in yellow, the assassins have their trap zones boxed in their colors