Mount Kilimanjaro is an inactive stratovolcano behind Mount Madagascar. It was active during the reigns of Madagascar & Lycaon, but formed an old caldera of hot steaming lava.


War of Madagascar & AfricaEdit

The volcano erupted during the war, destroying most of the landscape, creating the present-day swamp of Madagascar. The eruption sent a decline in monetary income & shipments skyrocketed from Amazonians while Africans & Madagascans recovered the sudden natural disaster.

Formation of calderaEdit

The destructive consequences of this eruption caused ash & dust to black the sun & pollute the Niagara River, several died for months due to smoke inhalation before it finally cleared, leaving a huge ozone hole in the atmosphere in the southern ice cap, which left undisturbed, closed up in 50 years. However, the viscous lava hardened in the main vent & pockets of gases such as tephra, got trapped & a less destructive, but near equally disastrous eruption occurred during the reign of Lycaon. Eventually, after Julien III became king, the lava cooled in the crater, forming five pillar rocks & a caldera of lava. The main vent got closed up by the central pillar, causing lava to escape through other Kilimanjaran vents down in the ice caps.

Showdown between Prince Julien XIII & ClydeEdit

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One fateful night during the reign of Lord Julien XII, an African contract killer named Clyde, who was hired to murder the lord & his underage son, Julien XIII, heir to be king of the throne. Clyde attempted to murder Julien XIII first by infiltrating the Royal Lodge, However, Royal Security had already spotted him & Julien XII confronted Clyde. Julien & Clyde brawled, Clyde eventually was weakened, but managed to burn Julien XII & kill him, however, Colonel Cornelius Winston (father of Orenthal Winston) arrived with troops, ready to arrest Clyde, who fled. Julien XIII learned of Clyde's responsibility for his father's death & sought to avenge his father by finding, capturing & murdering Clyde. Julien eventually tracked down Clyde's friends, all of whom, were in league with Clyde as ordered by Clemson of Africa. Julien finally managed to track Clyde's sightings to Kilimanjaro, where the evil assassin built his own lair. Julien met Clyde, face-to-machine, Julien defeated Clyde by destroying the upper glass part of the metal machine & the machine fell apart. Clyde fell into the lava & survived burning or he clung to the edges of the central pillar. Julien, believing he'd killed Clyde & avenged his father, left the caldera just before Blinky, Inky & Pinky, Clyde's friends, arrived, angry & ready to kill Julien.