The S.S. Amazon Voyager 254 was an Amazonian oil tanker & cargo ship. It usually transported goods to the Madagascans. It is the 254th in the Amazonian league of ships.


First Great DrowningEdit

The S.S. Amazon Voyager 254 had many voyages to the Madagascan Empire. One night, it departed early the night before it was to leave to sail to Madagascar, however, the currents pulled the ship off to other areas & coast around on the water. The next morning, the ship finally gained control, but it had accidentally sailed into a pack of canoes & kayaks from the Madagascan Navy & rolled them, causing the occupants to fall overboard. The log was recorded & they found the shipment canal, where rescue boats were dispatched to save the drowners & the boat was recorded to have arrived 5 minutes later than the other two boats, Voyagers 146 & 257. The Amazonians called to report the Madagascans of their accidental crash & were given the new policy. The ship was marked & the event of the crash became known as the Great Drowning.

Fate at seaEdit

The S.S. Amazon Voyager 254 was damaged & had to be fixed immediately as water had flooded the boiler room. The boat was drained & patched up. However, the damage was too much. One day at sea, the boat accidentally sailed near Blood Bath Bay, which it disappeared, not being seen again as a African pirate ship destroyed it. It's damage from the Great Drowning was almost like the same fate another ship that was ranked 272 numbers higher when that hit an iceberg out in the Madagascan waters.