Showdown of Mount Madagascar
Part of the African Plot to Rule Madagascar
Battle Statistics
Date: September 26-27, 154 B.C.
Side that won:
Location: Outside the Royal Lodge on Mount Madagascar
War Status
Proceeded by: Not yet recorded
Succeeded by: Showdown of Chapel Island

The Showdown of Mount Madagascar was a brawl between Lord Julien XII & Clyde.


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Detection (September 26, 154 B.C., 20:39-20:45)Edit

On September 26, 154 B.C., Clyde & his friends, Inky, Blinky & Pinky, went to the top of Mount Madagascar. Clyde enacted his plan to kill Julien XII & Julien XIII. He planned to murder them easily by sneaking into the Royal Lodge after nightfall, At 8:39 p.m., Clyde snuck around the trees around the lodge. However, as he headed through the grounds, at 8:43, he was spotted by Royal Security cameras & put on surveillance footage & Colonel Cornelius Winston, head of Royal Security, reported Julien XII to the matter.

Royal Security issues (September 26, 154 B.C., 20:46-23:59,-September 27, 154 B.C., 00:00-05:00)Edit

Departure for the troops (September 26, 154 B.C., 20:46-23:59)Edit

Winston left to get troops to arrest Clyde for trespassing on Madagascan soil, however, they were down the mountain in Wolfenstein. Winston left & locked down the Lodge & headed to Wolfenstein, he arrived at 9:46 p.m. & spread word, at 11:55, he began his march with his troops back up the mountain.

March to the Lodge (September 27, 154 B.C., 00:00-04:54)Edit

Cornelius began marching the mountain, unfortunately, the failure of jeeps at that time, thanks to Inky, they had to walk up for 4 hours after somehow getting lost in the Royal Forest & some nearly going into the Wolfenstein River.

Witness of the death of Julien XII (September 27, 154 B.C., 04:55-05:00)Edit

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Battle between Clyde & Julien XIIEdit



Death of Julien XII (September 27, 154 B.C., 04:55-05:00)Edit