Titan Forest is a region of Saturn that is mainly woodlands, it is right next to the West Ocean & it's name Titan is because the moon of Titan can be seen best from the woods, this is very similar to Enceladus Mountains.


The forest is located below the North & right of the West Ocean. Bart Sampson lives in an area just beyond the border outside the forest, in the region of the Styx. It is located above Enceladus Mountains & is on the very edge of the land before the water bodys of the oceans meet.


The name of the forest is derived from the fact that the best view of the moon, Titan, is seen in the forest, which Titan appears to "hang over" the forest as part of it's orbit, it is mostly seen for 27 nights out of it's 36 day long revolution over Saturn & the moon looks it's best on the 18th night. This type of revolution also occurs in the mountains, where the moon of Enceladus "hangs over" the mountains for 34 nights out of 45 days.