Vital statistics
Born on: Amortal
Died on: October 31, 475 B.C.
  • Zorgulon Emerald
  • Zorgulon Sapphire
  • Zorgulon Gold
  • Zorgulon Ruby
Gender: Male/Female
Race: None
Age: Immortal
Social life
  • None
  • None
  • None
Other statistics
  • Doomsday
Resides on/in:
  • Universe (they never stay in one place)
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance: Galaxy Wars: Intergalactic Halloween
Other Appearances: None
Last Appearance: Galaxy Wars: Intergalactic Halloween

The Zorgulons are a team of robotic hybrid aliens that have goals to destroy every planet in the known/existing universe. When all four merge together, they create a doomsday device dubbed the Destructinator. The Zorgulons have recently destroyed planets near & around Chiron & Eris & flew out to the Aldente Nebula neighboring the Aldetra & destroyed a planet named Melmac. They found the Aldetra Nebula & intended to destroy the whole system, starting with Saturn.


The Zorgulons appear just like their species. But each has a different personality.


Zorgulon EmeraldEdit

Zorgulon Emerald has green skin & red eyes. He is the most aggressive of the group & is considered the leader, as well as slightly the strongest. He destroyed the East Ocean city of Baytown by triggering the fault line & destroying the city while the Saturnians unleashed a RC-3 combat monster drone to deal with the threat. The zorgulon is also very passive when it comes to intelligence. The zorgulon challenged the gorilla drone by taunting it, daring it to come up to face him & the zorgulon simply threw him into the never-ending pit of doom.

Zorgulon SapphireEdit

Zorgulon Sapphire has blue skin & red eyes. He is the dumbest of the group, but is one of the aggressive fighters who rampages. He destroyed the Twin Towers on the island of Tsunopolis, using two gasoline tanking trucks.

Zorgulon GoldEdit

Zorgulon Gold has yellow skin & green eyes. He destroyed the Saturnian spaceport & was strengthened with Saturnium.

Zorgulon RubyEdit

Zorgulon Ruby has gray/tan skin & a red Cyclops eye. He is the only one that has no technology & is the weakest of the group & the most passive.He does happen to have the strength to start an active/dormant volcano.




When two individual zorgulons meet, they'll link up & form a machine that is made entirely of chrome, this machine will be upgraded in strength by 2.


When a biobot meets an individual zorgulon, or just three zorgulons alone meet, they link up & form a machine similar to the Destructinator, but the missing zorgulon retains the strength needed to blow up the world. The triobot's appearance looks like the Destructinator, but has blue armor & a red eye, the Destructinator has brown armor & a green eye. When a triobot is made, the strength of the individual zorgulons is upgraded by 3.


Main article: Destructinator

A Quadrobot, also called a Destructobot is just another name for the Destructinator. Like the description of it's appearance above, it will have brown armor & a green eye. The strength of the original zorgulons is not upgraded by 4, but by 40, as first it's upgraded by 4 & then has to be multiplyed by 10.


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